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Should I be concerned about having an abortion?

Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure.  For many women, it is a life changing event with significant physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.  Most women who struggle with past abortions say that they wish they had been told all of the facts about abortion.

What can I do about people pressuring me?
Remember, no person will be required to live with the consequences of this decision as much as you will.  If your boyfriend or parents are pressuring you to ake a quick decision, explain your needs and try to involve them in counseling to explore your positive option.  You have the right to continue with the pregnancy.

Can I have a baby and still live my life?

You may see this unplanned pregnancy as a major roadblock in your life.  Thankfully, there are other routes that can get you back on track.  Be encouraged to know that many women in the same situation have found the necessary help and resources to make positive choices and realize their dreams.